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What is Auburn Speaks?

Auburn Students
As a land-grant university, Auburn serves the state and its people as a discoverer of new knowledge and ideas and as a repository of science, literature, history, art, and culture. Every day, Auburn experts add to that store of knowledge–developing new processes, materials, and technologies along the way. They then take this expertise and focus it on real-world challenges and problems. In putting good ideas to work, Auburn researchers improve quality of life, strengthen the economy, and help keep us safe and secure.

Because this aspect of Auburn University is little known and often not well understood, Auburn Speaks seeks to translate and make accessible the sometimes dense and mysterious language of research, and to capture Auburn’s role in addressing the increasingly complex issues facing our state, nation and world. Produced jointly by the Office of the Vice President for Research and Economic Development and the Office of University Writing, Auburn Speaks is an annual book series focusing on a specific research topic of interest to a public audience.

Released in April of 2012, the inaugural issue, Auburn Speaks 2012: The Gulf Oil Spill, was devoted to chronicling Auburn University’s research related to the catastrophic oil spill in the Northern Gulf of Mexico.

Released in the spring of 2013, the second issue, Auburn Speaks: On Water, seeks to provide readers with insight into the breadth and depth of water-related research and creative scholarship at Auburn.

Released in the Spring of 2014, the third issue, Auburn Speaks: on Food Systems will focus on food, food-related topics, and hunger.

The fourth issue Auburn Speaks: On Cyber is scheduled for release in the Spring of 2015 and will focus on cyber and the rise of the digital domain across a wide spectrum of disciplines.

To learn more about Auburn Speaks, see sample pages, and find out where to order your copy, visit:


Auburn Research Hubs


Our vision for the future of Auburn Research cuts across department boundaries.  We have examined the most pressing challenges both within the borders of Alabama and far beyond, from the environmental risks in the Northern Gulf of Mexico to security in our cyber world.  We have analyzed Auburn’s existing strengths–great minds turning ideas into meaningful results in fields like biomedical imaging and STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education.

Based on this insight, we have focused strategically on clear research objectives in six interdisciplinary hubs.  Auburn Research is bringing together seemingly disparate interests to harness our intellectual power and passion toward vital common goals like curing cancer, sustainably meeting our energy needs and defining the future of transportation.  This is how Auburn Research will move us from the world we have now to the world we want tomorrow.

Our hubs:

  • Energy and the Environment
  • Health Sciences (including Food Systems)
  • Cyber
  • Transportation
  • Gulf of Mexico Research and Restoration
  • STEM (Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Education)

To learn more, visit: